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Empowering Educational Excellence through Creative Projects

students making smoothies in a blender

Educators working with children with disabilities possess invaluable expertise in identifying effective learning strategies. Unfortunately, regulated tax funds often fall short in supporting advanced projects, leaving teachers to either dip into their own pockets to procure materials or abandon costly initiatives altogether. Since 2002, SEF utilizes the Classroom Innovation Grants program to bridge this gap where tax allocations reach their limits.

SSD teacher Rachael Blake implements a weekly Classroom Innovation Grant project with her Vocational Skills students. Supported by SEF, the Smoothies for Wellness project aims to provide young adults in the program with valuable opportunities to develop and apply vocational, social, and healthy living skills. The smoothie bar emphasizes employee well-being and offers meaningful employment scenarios. Collaborating with other office staff, they form a dedicated smoothie team.

Through this project, students gain experience in handling money transactions, engaging in practical social interactions, following step-by-step instructions to prepare smoothies, maintaining cleanliness in their work area, problem-solving, identifying healthy choices, and cultivating independence, among other skills.

The SEF team visited the smoothie bar, enjoying delicious strawberry-banana and pineapple-mango smoothies while witnessing the students in action. Discover more about SEF's Classroom Innovation Grants and see the selected recipients and their projects for the upcoming school year.