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Upgrades for Top-Tier Sponsors of the Golf Tournament!

man swinging a golf club on a golf course

Excitement is growing for the 22nd Annual Dan McLaughlin Golf Tournament and Auction, a highly anticipated event that not only promises a day of thrilling golf but also presents a unique opportunity for sponsors to amplify their brand visibility and support a worthy cause—the Special Education Foundation. This year, sponsors can look forward to exciting new perks that will not only enhance their involvement in the event but also contribute to making a positive impact in the lives of students supported by the Special School District of St. Louis County.

Prominent Brand Visibility on the Course

One of the most exciting perks for top-tier sponsors of this year's tournament is the opportunity to have their logo prominently displayed on all 18 pin flags throughout the course. Picture your brand fluttering in the breeze as players navigate each hole, leaving a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike. This level of exposure not only elevates your brand but also demonstrates your unwavering support for the Special Education Foundation of St. Louis County and its mission to empower students with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Digital Showcase: Silent Auction Website and GolfStatus App

In today's digital age, the reach of an event extends far beyond the confines of the golf course. Recognizing this, we are offering sponsors enhanced digital exposure through the event's silent auction website and the GolfStatus app, a new feature of the tournament.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to be prominently featured on the silent auction website, reaching a diverse audience of potential bidders who are eager to support the cause. With their logos showcased alongside coveted auction items, sponsors will enjoy increased visibility and recognition among participants bidding from near and far.

Additionally, sponsors will receive exposure on the GolfStatus app, a powerful tool participants use to track scores, interact with fellow golfers, and stay updated on tournament news and announcements. By integrating sponsor logos and messaging within the app, sponsors can connect with players in real time, ensuring that their brand remains top-of-mind throughout the event.

Supporting a Worthy Cause: The Special Education Foundation of St. Louis County

Beyond the tangible benefits of brand exposure, sponsorship of the Dan McLaughlin Golf Tournament and Auction offers the opportunity to support a cause that is making a real difference in the lives of students with disabilities in St. Louis County. The Special Education Foundation is dedicated to providing resources, support, and opportunities for these students to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. By sponsoring this event, businesses and individuals alike have the opportunity to contribute to initiatives that have a lasting impact, whether it's providing scholarships, funding educational programs, or supporting vital resources for students and families.

It's more than just a sponsorship—it's a commitment to fostering a community that is inclusive and equitable for students with disabilities.

Join Us As A Sponsor!

The 22nd Annual Dan McLaughlin Golf Tournament and Auction offer sponsors the opportunity to elevate their brand, engage with the community, and make a meaningful impact—all while supporting the Special Education Foundation of St. Louis County. So why wait? Secure your sponsorship today and join us in making a difference at this year's tournament.

Registration is now live to join us for golf! Click here to claim your spot or contact SEF Events Manager Jill Salinas,, for more details!