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SEF Supports Kids to Camp

kids laughing at a camp experience

SEF is dedicated to supporting enriching and inclusive experiences for children of all abilities in and beyond the classroom. We understand the unique challenges that families  face in finding programs to fill the gaps during academic breaks. Our Kid-to-Camp program is designed to help more kids with disabilities to attend area camps during spring, summer and winter breaks in the school year.

Local camps provide a variety of benefits to students with disabilities:

  • Inclusive Environments: Welcoming and inclusive atmospheres where children of all abilities can come together, make friends, and feel accepted for who they are.
  • Specialized Activities: Activities that are adapted to accommodate various disabilities, ensuring that every child can participate and experience the joy of trying new things.
  • Skill Development: Opportunities to develop important skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and self-confidence in a supportive setting.
  • Empowerment: Allows for children to explore their interests, express themselves, and reach their full potential. Camp staff are trained to provide personalized support and encouragement to help each child thrive.

Max, a student served by the Special School District, attended camp last summer through support from our Kid-to-Camp program.

“Max was so excited to go to camp every day,” said his mother. “He made new friends, one of whom even came to his birthday party. He also felt safe and supported at camp and I didn't have to worry about him while he was there. The staff communicated very well and were always available to talk if Max was having an issue. The fact that they offered before and after care is also something I'm grateful for as a single full time working mom.”

Above all, camp is about having fun and building lasting friendships. SEF’s Kid-to-Camp program helps to create memorable experiences that children will cherish for years to come. Visit our website for more information, camp resources, and options. Applications are accepted year-round.