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SEF Sponsors Leadership Opportunity for 10 High School Students

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Who do you know who’s eager to embark on an exciting journey that will hone leadership skills and immerse them in the world of governmental policy? If so, we have an incredible opportunity!

SEF is proud to offer sponsorships for 10 deserving students served by the Special School District who are keen on attending either the 2024 American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State or the American Legion Boys State of Missouri this June 22-29.

These programs are tailor-made for high school juniors, aiming to equip them with invaluable leadership skills while delving into the intricacies of democracy and the power of individual votes through immersive simulations. Imagine spending a week at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO, experiencing college dorm life while governing a mythical state alongside peers from all over.

Throughout the week, they'll have the privilege of hearing from esteemed leaders in Missouri government and influential figures from our communities. It's an opportunity not just to learn, but to grow and thrive as responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Now, here's the exciting part: SEF is committed to ensuring that financial constraints never stand in the way of their dreams. That's why we're stepping up to provide sponsorship for deserving students. Here's how they can apply:

  1. Send a sponsorship solicitation email/letter to SEF Executive Director Tim Eby at by March 31, 2024.
  2. The student solicitation letter should clearly state the program they are applying for, the sponsorship amount requested, and why SEF should consider sponsoring them.
  3. A letter of recommendation from their SSD teacher, highlighting why they believe this program would benefit them.

We look forward to receiving sponsorship requests and help make student dreams a reality. Ready to take the first step? Applications can be completed at or today!

For any questions or assistance, feel free to reach out to Jackie Rahm Dunn, retired SSD teacher and SSD Special Olympics coordinator, at or by calling (314) 640-1154.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock leadership potential and make a difference.