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Malachi’s Gift of Sound Story Continues

boy playing on the floor and signed his name in crayon

Here at the Special Education Foundation, we are privileged to witness the transformative power of sound through our partnership with the Audiology program in the Special School District. Last year, we shared the story dating back more than twenty years ago, penned by parents whose young son, Malachi Schauer, had just been introduced to the profound Gift of Sound.

Malachi's journey began in 2003 when he was three years old. His parents, Caleb and Melanie, were students at Concordia Seminary in Clayton, facing significant financial strain. The prospect of purchasing hearing aids for their son seemed daunting. However, through the kindness of others, they were able to provide Malachi with the precious gift of hearing.

Initially, Malachi faced challenges with speech due to his hearing impairment. Yet, with the unwavering support of dedicated SSD audiologists like Deb Quick, and the aid of his hearing aids, Malachi quickly embraced the world of sound, paving the way for his remarkable growth and development.

The heartfelt letter from Caleb and Melanie vividly depicts the profound impact that hearing aids had on Malachi's life, illuminating the joy and wonder he experienced as he discovered the myriad of sounds around him.

Twenty years ago, Caleb and Melanie shed tears of joy as Malachi experienced the world anew through sound. Their gratitude and appreciation for the Gift of Sound are palpable in their letter, as they recount Malachi's newfound awareness of the world around him.

Today, two decades later, the Schauer family resides in Union, Illinois, where Caleb serves as a Pastor at St. John's Lutheran Church. Malachi has flourished, graduating in 2018 from Faith Lutheran High School and last year received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Michigan Tech. He is a testament to his resilience and determination.

Malachi is now in the Technical Development Program as an Associate Engineer with Cargill in Eddyville, Iowa.

Malachi's story is just one among many made possible by the generosity of donors to the Special Education Foundation. Your contribution to the Arbeiter Gift of Sound fundraiser can help transform the lives of students like Malachi, enabling them to thrive and reach their full potential.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Malachi, Caleb, and Melanie for allowing us to share their inspiring journey. Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of those who rely on the Gift of Sound to navigate the world.