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Ignite Your Child's Potential with Camp

kids enjoying drawing activities at camp

SEF recognizes the importance of ensuring that every child has access to enriching experiences, especially during breaks in the school year. We are currently accepting applications for our Kid-to-Camp program — which offers valuable financial assistance to families served by the Special School District for Spring and Summer camp.

Attending camp offers a multitude of benefits beyond the traditional classroom setting. It's a chance for children to interact with peers, form friendships, and develop essential life skills such as confidence and independence. By participating in our camp scholarship program, your child can experience the joy of summer camp while continuing their learning journey in a supportive and inclusive environment.

“What we enjoyed most was that our son could be away from home independently,” says Jill Prosser, mother of a Valley Park student. “He enjoyed the pool, lazy river, and slides. Without the Kid-to-Camp program, it would have been very difficult to afford this wonderful opportunity for my son to attend Camp Barnabas.

Through partnerships with local camp programs, we aim to extend the benefits of the classroom during spring break and into the summer months, fostering social, educational, and personal growth. Visit our website for camp options and resources.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to enrich your child's academic breaks with fun-filled experiences and meaningful connections. Apply now for our Kid-to-Camp program and give your child the gift of a memorable and transformative camp experience!