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Final Week to Apply for Leadership Academy

students at the Saigh Foundation standing together

Are you ready to unlock your leadership potential and make a lasting impact in your community?  There is just one week remaining to apply for our exclusive Fred Saigh Leadership Academy!

Each year, we carefully select up to 20 high school students who exhibit outstanding leadership qualities to participate in a transformative year of training. Through our comprehensive curriculum, students are immersed in dynamic learning experiences designed to cultivate and refine their leadership skills. From tackling real-world community issues to honing their ability to inspire and motivate others, our program empowers students to become influential leaders within their schools and beyond.

In last week’s session, the class first met with the Special School District’s Speech and Language Pathologist, Ginny Scognamiglio. Ginny gave an inspirational talk about how students can improve themselves. She showed the students how she assists preschoolers who require augmentative communication devices. Ginny is also the parent of twins who were 2022 Leadership Academy graduates.

Israel Anjorin shared his takeaway: “I learned about the instruments used for kids who cannot talk at a young age. I used to be one of those kids who wasn’t good at talking in preschool, so I had to use a chart. I learned that we all have different ways we cope and ways we talk to our peers.”

The class then visited The Saigh Foundation. Their work enhances the quality of life for children and youth in the St. Louis metropolitan area by supporting educational and health-related charitable institutions and organizations. One of those organizations is SEF!

While there, the students took turns sharing information with the Foundation leaders about their monthly visits and their personal aspirations. They also presented checks of the money raised from the September Car Wash for the charities they chose to donate the proceeds to.  

To end the day, the students also met with Starkloff Disability Institute to learn how to write resumes and cover letters. They practiced writing their own resumes following the presentation.

More students shared their takeaways from Starkloff’s presentation:

“I learned how to write a resume for both big and small jobs,” states Kai Lawson.  “I also learned not to wear 3-inch heels when we are walking.”  

Terrance Jones shared, “I learned about resumes and cover letters and what to write on the resume and what to write on my cover letter. I could learn who could be a good representative for me to write and what would be good to put on it.”  

Upon completion of this program, participants return to their schools equipped with the tools and confidence to spearhead initiatives, campaign for school offices, and lead impactful projects. Their journey culminates in a memorable graduation ceremony on May 1, 2024, where students have the opportunity to reflect on their growth, share their most impactful experiences, and celebrate their achievements with peers, mentors, and loved ones.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join a network of passionate young leaders and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Apply now to be considered for our prestigious program and unleash your leadership potential — the first step towards a brighter future!