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Audiology Needs on the Rise

2 boys wearing hearing aids with their arms around each other

The urgency for financial assistance for students with audiology needs is escalating rapidly. Unfortunately, coverage for essential items such as hearing aids, earmolds, audiological equipment, and repairs is not always provided by insurance or tax dollars. This is where your support becomes crucial.

In memory of Dianne Arbeiter, a devoted member of the Special School District (SSD) for 25 years and a compassionate leader of the deaf and hard of hearing program, this annual fundraiser has been established by her inspired co-workers and family. Dianne's unwavering dedication to students with hearing disabilities serves as the driving force behind this initiative.

One family’s son recently received hearing aids and a partner mic, funded by SEF:

“This completely changes our ability to communicate and makes our son so much more engaged,” stated the boy’s mother. “The partner mic is very helpful in the car and out in loud situations like the magic house, restaurants, etc. We are so glad he has what he needs!”

Your contributions will directly impact the students in need, enabling the purchase of hearing aids, earmolds, and necessary audiological services. SEF relies exclusively on private donations to bridge the financial gaps in supporting students with disabilities served by the SSD, addressing areas not covered by tax dollars.

Your generosity and support are vital in making a difference to students and parents facing the challenges of hearing disabilities. We express our sincere gratitude for your contribution to this year’s Arbeiter Gift of Sound, as it enables SEF to provide the invaluable audiology equipment to more children. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful cause.