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SEF Seeks Applications for next year's Leadership Academy

students at the Little Bit Foundation

SEF is currently seeking prospective students for next year's Leadership Academy! The Fred Saigh Leadership Academy expands the horizons of high school students beyond traditional classrooms by providing them with new and distinctive community-oriented opportunities.

Each year, a maximum of 20 high school students demonstrating leadership potential are chosen to undergo a year’s leadership course. The curriculum not only introduces but also nurtures and hones leadership skills while engaging students in addressing community issues.

Throughout the program, selected students dedicate one day each month for nine months to visit and explore key sites and meet with leaders across the metropolitan area. This exposure allows students to connect with institutions that play a crucial role in ensuring the community's vitality and effectiveness in meeting the needs of its citizens.

Upon completion of the program, participants return to their respective schools well-prepared to run for school offices, spearhead school projects, and assume leadership roles. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony during which students reflect on their most impactful experiences and the program's influence on their lives.

How it works:

  • Each school year, teachers nominate high school aged students by completing a nomination form on the SEF website.
  • The nominated student also completes an application to the Academy.
  • Nominations and applications are reviewed and selected by an SEF committee, which includes members of the Board of Directors and key staff.
  • With the Special Education Foundation’s Fred Saigh Leadership Academy, students come away with developed leadership skills that include team building, problem solving, character development, and good citizenship.

Learn more about SEF’s Fred Saigh Leadership Academy and apply today.