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Leadership Academy Highlights

leadership students with County Executive Sam Page

The Fred Saigh Leadership Academy had a full day last week with visits to Delmar DevINe, Artists First, and County Executive Sam Page’s office. Established in the fall of 2004, the Fred Saigh Leadership Academy goes beyond conventional classroom education by providing high school students with distinctive community-oriented opportunities.

Delmar DevINe is a collaboration in the non-profit sector within health, education, and human service organizations. It concurrently serves as a catalyst for revitalizing neighborhoods in North St. Louis City. The students got a glimpse of the office space which nonprofits can utilize. It also has a deli and is working on renovating apartments to bring more residents to this area.

Henry Becker of Lindbergh said, “It was really neat to visit Delmar DevINe. It was neat and really cool to see that it was both a non-profit and an apartment complex. I just find that interesting.”

Next, the class visited Artists First, a non-profit art studio that fosters inclusivity, empowering artists of all abilities. The students learned that through creative self-expression, they strive to cultivate equity, equality, and empowerment not only in the Saint Louis region but also beyond. Their belief centers on the transformative power of art, aiming to integrate, heal, provide support, and establish common ground within the community.

Lilah Durham of Brentwood shared, “I liked visiting Artists First because it was really cool to see how artists could get support if they didn’t have the necessary materials at their home. They could just go do the art there and then sell it.”

A visit to County Executive Sam Page’s office rounded out the day’s session. In his role as County Executive, Page is dedicated to reshaping our community into a haven of health, safety, and opportunity. His commitment is to create an environment where every resident can confidently live, work, and engage in recreational activities.

The students learned about his experience as a leader and his message to the class is to not only have patience, but to surround themselves with people who have different skill sets.  

Damian Ewald of Ladue shared his thoughts on the session: “I enjoyed visiting County Executive Sam Page’s office the most. It was the first time I have seen a someone like that and I was very excited about visiting a place like this.”

Next month, the Leadership Academy will visit the Holocaust Museum.  Are you or is someone you know served by the Special School District and interested in being a part of this program?

The Fred Saigh Leadership Academy is accepting applications for the 2024-2025 class. Learn more about how to become part of this program and to apply.