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December 4-8 Celebrates Inclusive Schools Week

Inclusive Schools Week 2023

Since its establishment in 2001, Inclusive Schools Week has celebrated the advancements schools have achieved in delivering a supportive and high-quality education to an increasingly diverse student body. This includes students facing marginalization due to factors such as disability, gender, socio-economic status, cultural heritage, language preference, and more.

Moreover, the Week serves as a crucial platform for educators, students, and parents to engage in discussions about further measures needed to ensure ongoing improvement in schools' capacity to effectively educate all children.

Inclusive Schools Week affords us the opportunity to pause and commend the achievements made in fostering more inclusive school communities, all while committing to continued efforts to build a more inclusive society.

This year’s theme is Draw Me In according to the Inclusive Schools Network.

Engaging in artistic endeavors serves as a journey toward self-discovery, while the act of sharing art acts as a gateway to comprehending and respecting diverse perspectives.

The innate need to belong is a fundamental requirement for all students and a crucial element of establishing truly inclusive schools. Inclusivity signifies a foundational dedication to fostering connections among students, families, educators, and the community to cultivate safe and positive learning environments.

Renowned artist and muralist Kyle Holbrook, the visionary behind Moving the Lives of Kids, has partnered with the Inclusive Schools Network to impart his insights and expertise on public art as a means to reach and include every child.

Inclusive Schools Week™ is now a global celebration observed in many countries, such as Canada, the UK, the Philippines, Ghana, and Malaysia. The event has gained international recognition and the Inclusive Schools Network website has attracted visitors from over 50 nations. It's an opportunity to discover how schools and communities worldwide celebrate and promote the advantages of inclusive educational practices, fostering a culture of acceptance and belonging.

Learn how schools and communities around the world celebrate and raise awareness of the benefits of inclusive educational practices!