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Continue Educational Activities over Winter Break

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Recognizing the importance of filling the educational gap during school breaks, the Special Education Foundation offers support. Through SEF's Kid-to-Camp program, financial aid is extended to families of children within the Special School District, enabling them to participate in camps during these academic breaks.

Local camp initiatives play a crucial role in sustaining the positive effects on students, extending beyond the social and educational aspects of the classroom. Camp attendance opens avenues for social interaction, friendship development, and cultivating relationships that contribute to enhanced confidence and independence.

Max, a student in the Parkway School District, recently attended camp at the Jewish Community Center:

“The camp was a fantastic fit for Max,” said Mom.  “The staff were amazing - incredibly empathetic, knowledgeable, and had great ideas for ways to support Max with a variety of challenges. We are still using some of those strategies now and I've passed them along to his school teachers.”
“I loved it because Max felt safe and supported there and I didn't have to worry about him while he was there. The staff communicated very well and were always available to talk if Max was having an issue.  I'm grateful for this program as a single, full-time working mom.”

Campership funds are awarded based on financial need and student benefit and are accepted year-round. Learn more about the Kid-to-Camp program, camp options for students with disabilities, and how to apply.