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What We Do

Adaptive & Assistive Equipment

Filling in gaps in perception and communication.

Special Education Foundation considers funding requests for specialized equipment and other needs for students with disabilities on an ongoing basis. These include:

  • augmentative communication devices
  • adaptive equipment
  • hearing aids
  • eyeglasses

The aim of the Foundation is to enhance the education or the independence of students or to improve their quality of life through these grants. Financial need is a key factor in the decision process. Applications may be submitted at any time, initiated by an SSD professional. Contact your SSD teacher for additional information and assistance.

Adaptive & Assistive Equipment

Through a grant from The Tilles Foundation, Special Education Foundation is able to provide specialized equipment to students up to age 21, who have completed their education with SSD within the last year and are transitioning from school to work.

Adaptive equipment that students use remains with SSD when they are no longer served by the District due to graduation or aging out. Many students entering the world of work are faced with the purchase of expensive equipment in order to continue to communicate and otherwise manage their lives. The grant allows the Special Education Foundation to provide funding for the students’ purchase of needed equipment, such as augmentative communication devices, adaptive equipment and adaptive computer equipment.

Teachers begin the application process for a student to be considered for funding. Financial need is a key factor in the decision process.

For more information, please contact the Foundation at

Want to help support our mission? 

Donate today and give the gift of sound to a child in need of hearing aids, hearing molds or other audiology equipment.

From the Newsroom

Win BIG and make a profound difference for students in need of financial assistance with audiology needs. Purchase a raffle ticket or donate today.

Twenty years ago, Caleb and Melanie shed tears of joy as Malachi experienced the world anew through sound. Your contribution to the Arbeiter Gift of Sound fundraiser can help transform the lives of students like Malachi, enabling them to thrive and reach their full potential.

The urgency for financial assistance for students with audiology needs is escalating rapidly. This is where your support becomes crucial.