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Our “Kid-to-Camp” campaign is based on the belief that every child – regardless of abilities – deserves a summer camp experience. In fact, teachers state that children who engage in summer recreational and educational activities retain far more information when returning to school in the fall. Additionally, the development of social skills during summer programs allows children with disabilities to become more confident and independent outside the classroom.

We understand that bridging the instructional gap between summer and fall is critical, and that the additional expense of a summer camp can be a burden for many. For example, camps designed specifically for children who are deaf, autistic or who have physical or intellectual disabilities, can cost from $150 to $1,770 per week. Each year we receive many requests for financial support from parents throughout St. Louis County. However, because we rely solely on private donations, we are unable to grant all of them. The financial assistance that students receive is often the deciding factor in whether or not a child will attend a summer camp. Therefore, we need your help. Please serve as a Kid-to-Camp Sponsor! We, along with the teachers and students served by SSD, appreciate your support.

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