In September 2022, the Women Leaders funded the following projects:

● $1,000 to support a Springboard to Learning drumming performance, and purchase a
Nintendo game system and a few games for the students at Neuwoehner High School

● $1,500 for the vocational skills program, providing healthy snacks and food for students
at their work sites

● $1,000 for a graduation celebration and staff appreciation luncheons at the St. Louis
County Juvenile Detention Center

● $1,500 to support a student-planned field day, Bridges Ball, and graduation celebration
at the Bridges School

● $1,000 to purchase adaptive equipment for the outdoor learning space at Ackerman

● $1,000 for an ice cream truck for the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
celebration and a game truck for the spring carnival at Northview High School

● $1,500 for a water station for sensory play at Litzsinger School

● $1,500 to upgrade items in the sensory room and ice-cream truck for student and staff
community-building activities at Southview School