Teachers of children with disabilities have the best insight into methods that succeed in helping children learn. Often, funds are not available from regulated tax dollars to support enhanced programs, and teachers find themselves trying to purchase materials themselves or foregoing programs that are too costly. Special Education Foundation has stepped in since 2002 to help where tax dollars stop. In 2019, the Foundation supported 136 programs totaling  $85,000.00. Click here to apply.

Programs that are innovative and can be duplicated in additional venues are favored in the screening process. Books and equipment that should be available through public funds are not funded; neither is transportation or staff development. Teachers should report results the following year to the Foundation board of directors.

2021 applications are due January 18, 2021. The Feedback Form for previous recipients to report on the results of their grants is due January 4, 2021. For more information or for help with the online applications, please contact Jeanine at jeanine@sef-stl.org.

For brief abstracts of the following programs, click here.

Janece Albers
SSD – Ackerman
Rhythm with a Purpose, Year 4: Independence

Julie Aldridge and Rodnesha Chatman
Hazelwood – North Middle School
Technology for TODs

Leslie Auer
Webster Groves – Steger 6th Grade Center
Reset Room

Amy Bachman
Mehlville High School
Self-Soothe Sensory Tools Center

Thomas Bamvakais
Manners Matter

Mary Barfield and Kim Brandt
Hazelwood – Russell Elementary
Increasing Student Independance Through Music and Movement

Patricia Billeau and Barbara Raney
SSD – Northview
Inclusive Live Theatre (Meeting and Exceeding IEP Goals through Live Theatre)

Patricia Billeau and Barbara Raney
SSD – Northview
Common Connections, Bringing ELA Instruction to Life Through Live Theatre

Ellen Birch
SSD – Ackerman
Circle of Friends – Field Day 2019

Heather Bircher and Jessica Young
SSD – Ackerman
A.I.M.S Project Adapting Innovative Materials for Students

Karlon Bishop
SSD – ECSE Countywide
EC Special Education Project Hope Holiday Assistance

Emily Bowman
Parkway West Middle School
Flexible Seating for Middle School Students with Special Needs

Beth Brackin
Hazelwood – OT
Use of an iPad for Motor Control Gains for Students with Limited Printing Progress

Kimberly Brandt
Hazelwood – Russell Elementary
Vibrant Classroom Library

Tina Breeden
SSD – Neuwoehner
Building Skills Outside the PAES LAB

Emily Brizendien
Ferguson Florissant – Duchesne
Flexible Seating for Learning

Megan Browne
SSD – ECSE Ladue/Ritenour/Brentwood
Increasing Social Emotional Skills in Early Childhood using Video Modeling

Jennifer Buehrer
Ferguson Florissant – McCluer North High School
Cooking with Confidence- A CBVI Experience at McCluer North High School

Kelly Burgio and Joy Klebolt
Rockwood – Ellisville Elementary – PT
Adapted Tricycle: Let’s get moving!

Clementine Carbery and Thomas Bamvakais
Picnic in the Park

Daniele Cerone-Griffin
SSD – ECSE Countywide
Enhancing Learning Opportunities for Core Word Language in Early Childhood

Victoria Cicotte and Jessica Young
SSD – Ackerman
Play is Learning

Kira Collins and Sonja Conley
SSD – Northview – SW
Sand Tray Therapy

Emily Conkling
Ritenour – Hoech Middle School
Cooking in the Classroom

Emily Conkling
Ritenour – Hoech Middle School
Increasing Students’ Independance with Personal Care

Sara Couch
SSD – Ackerman
Access to Art for All

Sara Couch
Let it Grow! Gardening for Health and Independance (3)

Julie David and Sarah Schuette
Lunch Bunch @ Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s Hospital VSP

Sarah Davidovits and Julie Griswold
Making Mealtime Fun (3)

Anna Davis
SSD – Neuwoehner High School
Trauma Informed Yoga for Girls

Laurie DeJohn and Emily Milligan
Rockwood – Selvidge Middle School
Partnership for Kids

Mara Della Croce
Mehlville Point, MOSAIC, and Mehlville High – OT
iCan with an iPad: Using an iPad toWork on Fine Motor, Visual Motor, and Visual Perceptual Skills in OT

Stephanie Dillon and Ashley Case
SSD – Neuwoehner High School
Neuwoehner Yearbook

Carrie Doll, Amanda Berndt and Darla Krause
Ladue Fifth Grade Center
Increase Engagement through Flexible Seating Options

Bridget Donnelly
Rockwood – Stanton Elementary School
Wow, watch my communications grow!

Emily Duggin
Parkway – Carman Trails, Oak Brook, Southwest Middle School – OT
The Right Balance 2

Carolyn Eagle
SSD – Litzsinger
Library MakerSpace iPad

Elizabeth Ehrhart-Collier
Rockwood Summit
Crafting with Collier

Amy Eichorn
SSD – South Tech High School
Light Manufacturing – Colorized!

Jennifer Eilers
Lindbergh – Sappington
Sensory and Calming Area

Elizabeth Engelmeyer
SSD – Ackerman
Learning Through Play

Elizabeth Engelmeyer
SSD – Ackerman
Continuing to Quilt with a Purpose (3)

Elizabeth Engelmeyer
SSD – Ackerman
Derby Days (3)

Heather Field
SSD – Northview
Leisure Fun

Christy Finazzo-Purl and Jessica Wheeler
Pattonville – Willow Brook
Flexible Seating for Therapy Success!

Elizabeth Finke and Erica Axelbaum
Riverview – Moline Elementary
Therapeutic classroom grant

Maggie Fitzpatrick-Johnson
Pattonville – Willow Brook
Flexible Seating for Resource Sucess

Tino Forneris
SSD – Northview
Pedal Power – Northview’s Cycling Club

Tino Forneris
SSD – Northview
Building Strong Character Through Good Sportsmanship, Teamwork, School Spirit and Diversity (3)

Kelsey Galbraith
SSD – Ackerman
Inventors “STEM” from Opportunity, part 2

Kelsey Galbraith
SSD – Ackerman
Putting Our Best Face Forward

Gayle Giancola
Ritenour High School
Social Work Care Corner

Nancy Giannasi
Ritenour – Wyland Elementary
Pedal Your Way to Learning

Jean Goldstein
Hazelwood – Brown Elementry School
Social Reading, Social Learning

Elizabeth Greten
SSD – Ackerman
Family and Friends Spaghetti Lunch

Lori Guess and Jayne Mansfield
SSD – Northview
Expanding Communication and Life Skills in the Kitchen

Lori Guess
SSD – Northview
Developing Functional Communication Systems Through Sensory Integration Strategies

Mary Hackworth
Parkway – Barretts/ Sorrento Springs – OT
Every Transition Counts

Jean Hantak
Valley Park Elementary
“Weight” a Minute

Julie Harter and Josie Lamb
SSD – ECSE Countywide
Technology as a Tool for Growth

Steven Headrick
Mehlville High School
Gardening With a Purpose

Rebecca Helms
SSD – Northview High School
Building Strong Character Through Good Sportsmanship, Teamwork, School Spirit and Diversity: Part II

Deanna Heuring
Wearable Independance (3)

Candy Hickerson and Jessica Givens
VI/OI Countywide
Interacting in My Visual World Without Vision

Colleen Hoeflinger and Kara Rose
Lindbergh Early Childhood
Indy Boxes (Independant Play Boxes)

Jennifer Hoffman
Hazelwood Central Middle School
Calming Activities to Support Emotional Learning

Rachel Holtman and Amanda Howell
DHH Hazelwood – Brown Elementary School
DHH Social Safari

Megan Holzum
Riverview Glasgow Elementary
New Autism Classrooms Open!

Maura Hubbard
Parkway – Wren Hollow
Trauma Informed Yoga

Marcie Huelsing and Melanie Fitzgerald
Lindbergh West Early Childhood Center
Lights, Camera, Action! Using Video Modeling to Promote Learning for Individuals with Autism

Denise Inman and Bridget Meinen
Hazelwood West High School
Creating a Sensory Oasis at Hazelwood West

Jamie Kessler, Jennifer Patrick and Jennifer Haskell
Brentwood Early Childhood Center
Healthy Creative Cooking for Little Chefs

Mandy Kirby
Parkway – Carman Trails
Self-Regulation Room

Carrie Klein
VSP Family Night Out

Heather Koepke
Pattonville – Drummond
Not Incomprehensible!!

Heather Koepke
Pattonville – Drummond
No Need to Stress!

Kathleen Kras
Hazelwood – McNair
Kindness Cart

Justin Landherr
Mehlville High School
Flexible Fun

Sarah Lehman and Tracy Kroenlein
Lindbergh – ECSE, West, and South County Tech
Food Discovery For Little Taste Buds

Katie Letsinger, Tina Breeden and Michelle Stumpf
SSD – Neuwoehner High School
Facs for Life: Graduation, Preparation, and Celebration (3)

Lisa Levine
Hazelwood – Russell Elementary
Sensory Supported Mindfullness

Maria Lindsay and Connie Fiore
Parkway Early Childhood Center
Tower Garden by Juice Plus Lights and Supplies

Tara Litteken
Riverview Districtwide – SW
Traveling Mindfulness and Yoga

Selina Loughridge
SSD – Northview High School
Dress for Success in the World of Work

Margaret Lovera
SSD – Countywide – SW
Social Work Care Closet

Lisa MacKenzie, Laura Moore and Adele Johnson
Parkway Early Childhood Center
Supporting ECSE students in the Community

Kari Mahoney
Webster Groves Ambrose Family Center ECSE – SLP
Using Literacy to Teach Core Language

Janet Matthew
SSD – Litzsinger
Friendly Fall Festival

Michael McMurtrey
SSD – Neuwoehner
Engaging Families, Building Community

Amy Meeks
Ritenour – Hoech Middle
Nix the Noise!

Amy Meeks
Ritenour – Hoech Middle
Tech Time for Teens

Katie Meyer, Erin Douglas and Lisa Hamel
Affton/Bayless ECSE
Expose, Explore, Expand: Key to developing a happy, healthy eater

Chrissy Monolo
Parkway Early Childhood Center
Hear Me Now

David Montgomery and Christy Hagy
SSD – Northview High School
Adapted Leisure for Students with Disabilities

David Montgomery and Michael Laspe
SSD – Northview High School
Accessible Fun for Everyone

Julie Moorman
SSD – Ackerman
Jumping Higher

Mary Morgan and Linda Deposki
Ladue Middle School
Partners Club Meeting & Service Projects

Kathleen Murphy
Kirkwood – North Middle School
Best Buddiest Swing

Andrew Nardi, Tami Melton and Morgan l
Kirkwood High School
The Pioneer Wagon (3)

Stephanie Ochoa and Steven Headrick
Mehlville High School
Vocational Skills – Task Boxes

Lindsay Parker-Klimpel
Ladue – Old Bonhomme Elementary
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Promoting Speech and Language through Wordless Picture Books

Cynthia Perkins and Mary Elfrink
SSD – South Countywide: LIndbergh/Affton/Bayless/Hancock Place – SLP
Evaluating Causal Reasoning and Language Skills in Preschoolers

Kim Pietrzak and Katie Letsinger, Katie
SSD – Neuwoehner High School
Field Day for Everyone

Michelle Pittman and Monica Smith
SSD – VSP Garden Villa’s
Picnic Social Gathering

Danielle Podmore
Hazelwood – Armstrong
Put down the Xbox Controller and Pull Up a “Gaming Chair”

Katherine Radcliff and Heather Field
SSD – Northview High School
Music Motivation

Katherine Radcliff
SSD – Northview High School
Using Core to Communicate

Tina Rellergert and Carrie Gausling
Pattonville High School
Iron Chef Functional Skills

Rhonda Rigsby and Anna Funkhouser
SSD – Juvenile Detention Center
Positive Reinforcement for Detention Center Students

Jodi Roberts
Hazelwood West Middle School
Adaptive Seating and Sensory Supports

Joe Schappe
SSD – VSP-Little Creek
Little Creek VSP Garden Project

Sarah Schuette and Julie David
SSD – VSP-Children’s Hospital/BJC
Meet Us in St. Louis: Vocational Skills Program Spring Fling

Sarah Schuette
SSD -VSP St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Get Your Green On: Sensory Supports for a Calm Classroom

Catherine Schweitzer
Ferguson-Florissant – Duchesne
Flexible Seating for Learning

Virginia Scognamiglio
SSD – Litzsinger
Look What I Can Do

Colleen Shaughnessy
SSD Countywide SW
Project Hope

Colleen Shaughnessy
Normandy Middle School
N 7/8 C Care Closet (3)

Angela Slape
SSD – Litzsinger
Get Cooking with the All-Stars

Monica Smith and Michelle Pittman
SSD – VSP – Village of North Retirement Community
Manners Matter

Sarah Studie
Rockwood – Westridge
The C- Pen Reader

Bridget Thomas
SSD – Ackerman
Empowering Girls to become the Women of Tomorrow!

Nicolya Thomas
Kirkwood High School
Using Therapeutic Yoga to Enhance Classroom Mindfulness Training in Students with ED

Christina Throop
Ferguson Florissant
Cross Keys Middle
The “KEY” to Independence is Task Boxes

Dwaine Tipton
SSD – Litzsinger SW
Creative Therapy Group

Kerrie Townsend
SSD Countywide – South Tech
Expanding Opportunities for Special Olympics Athletes

Mallory Vandermus, Jessica Quest and Michele Hahn
SSD Neuwoehner
Neuwoehner Students Showcasing Character

Michelle Vangilder
Ferguson Florissant – McCluer North
Cool Down Coffee Shop- Student success through school- based CBVI

Lauren Walls (Vogler)
DHH Hazelwood
Learning Language in a Winter Wonderland (3)

Allison Walton
Ferguson Florissant – Combs

Tatianna Ware and Carrie Klien
SSD – VSP Countywide
Meet and Greet Vocational Skills Family Night

Deborah Wells, Mary Kirkman and Ellizabeth Feik
University City – Brittany Woods
Noise Hurts!

Katie Woepke
Lindbergh – Truman Middle School
Interactive Tables Promote Interactive Learning!

Audrey Wolters and Crystal Bryant
Normandy Kindergarten Center
Rocking in Kindergarten

Melanie Wood
Parkway/Pattonville – Henry, Holman Middle, Heights Middle, Bridgeway – OT
iPAD innovations in OT

DeAnna Wright-Coffman and Ann Pelt
Parkway Early Childhood Center
LEGO Play Therapy for Early Learning in Social-Emotional Development

Casey Zuhlke and Kristina Brinkmann
Parkway West Middle – DHH Program
ASL Vocabulary Videos for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

(3) indicates a three-year grant

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