How We Help

We aim to empower students with disabilities by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Dana Brown
Teacher Mini-Grant

The Dana Brown Teacher Mini-grant program funds innovative projects conceived by teachers to help students with disabilities learn and interact.

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Fred Saigh
Leadership Academy

The Fred Saigh Leadership Academy exposes high-school students with disabilities to local leaders and institutions, teaching them to become effective members of the community.

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Arts in the Classroom

The Arts in the Classroom program contributes to enhanced self-esteem, increased social interaction, improved language skills and greater awareness of the arts.

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Adaptive Equipment

The Adaptive Equipment program provides hearing aids and eyeglasses to students with impairments as well as assistive equipment to help aid in communication.

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Critical Needs

By providing basic day-to-day supplies, the Critical Needs program removes financial impediments for families so their students can engage in education in meaningful ways.

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John Cary Scholarships recognize college-bound seniors with disabilities who have excelled in school while displaying resiliency, courage and determination.

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Camp programs help to maintain educational and social skills momentum for students with disabilities during school breaks. We cover fees for some eligible students.

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