For more information, or if you need help with the online applications, please contact us at

Critical Needs

The Foundation provides funding for critical needs to help students succeed in the classroom.

Adaptive Equipment

Through a grant from the Tilles Foundation, SEF is able to support SSD students by purchasing adaptive equipment that allows social interactions and builds confidence. The grant provides funds for not only augmentative communication equipment/devices, but also computer and adaptive equipment that support independence.

Teachers should fill out the initial application. Once that’s submitted, parents will fill out the next steps form.

Dana Brown Teacher Mini-Grants

The Dana Brown Teacher Mini-Grant program supports projects that succeed in helping children to learn. Please remember to fill out the feedback form. Feedback is due by November 30 or upon project completion thereafter.

Arts in the Classroom Program

To apply for an Arts in the Classroom grant, please complete the Dana Brown Teacher Mini-Grant application.

The John Cary Scholarship

Applications are closed for this school year. Please check back in August 2022.

The John Cary Scholarship will be awarded to seniors bound for post-secondary education who reflect the characteristics most admired by John Cary – resiliency, courage and determination.

Fred Saigh Leadership Academy

Applications are closed for the upcoming Academy session. Please check back later on.

The Fred Saigh Leadership Academy broadens student horizons beyond the classroom through new and unique community-related opportunities.


Camp programs help to maintain educational momentum and progress for students with disabilities over the summer.