This past Monday, May 1st, was celebrated as National School Principals’ Day, where we recognize the impact that principals of all schools, from elementary schools to high schools, have on their students and fellow educators.

The Special Education Foundation wants to thank all the principals at the SSD schools and those at the 22 partner districts for their leadership and support of students with special needs.

At SEF, we have a special place in our hearts for the SSD school principals with our Women Leaders Principal Grants. These grants have been supporting projects and activities at SSD schools since 2009.

A few weeks ago in Three Things, we shared the projects our Women Leaders funded earlier this school year. One of the projects we are most proud of is our support for the Students at Juvenile Detention Center, where Ann Hawkey is the principal.

JDC students are rarely on a traditional schedule for graduation, making it difficult for them to purchase caps and gowns for the celebration. This year’s grant was used to order caps and gowns, decorations, and food to ensure students complete their graduation requirements.

This will allow the graduating students at JDC to participate in a celebration that helps them to share their success and pride in their accomplishments with their fellow students and family.

Donations that support the Women Leaders Principal Grants are truly making a positive difference in the lives of these students.

Next week is Give STL Day, and we’re focusing our fundraising on this day of giving to support our Women Leaders Principal Grant program. You can make an early donation now at the Give STL Day website.

We provided $10,000 in grants to the SSD schools this school year, and we hope to raise enough in the next week to do that again next year.