Last week, we received some good news about the renewed three-year commitment from The Saigh Foundation to fund SEF’s Fred Saigh Leadership Academy. The grant for $25,000 for each of the next three years will provide continued funding for this impactful program for high school students in St. Louis County that receive services from the SSD.

Debbie Smith leads the program with assistance from Mary Lee Burlemann and Matt Moellering, who give their time as volunteers to support the program. 

In October, the Leadership class had its Local Government in Action Day where they met with St. Louis County Executive Sam Page and then toured the George Westfall Criminal Justice Center. Below are some photos of the visit with the County Executive courtesy of Greg Cross, a professional photographer in the County Executive’s Office.

Founded in 2004, the Fred Saigh Leadership Academy broadens student horizons beyond the classroom through new and unique community-related opportunities. Students who receive services from the Special School District looking to join the program can apply online. Teachers may also nominate their students using this form.