We often hear about the life-changing impact of helping kids attend summer camp through SEF’s Kids-to-Camp program. This past summer, nine-year-old Urijah had the time of his young life.

Urijah’s godmother, Liz Fitzgerald, shared the joy and learning that Urijah experienced by attending three camps last summer with support from the Special Education Foundation.

According to Ms. Fitzgerald, the Lego/Robotic STEM camp at Maryville University was outstanding as Urijah used his creative “superpower” to create and build a wide range of Legos.

Urijah then attended basketball camp, allowing him to improve his hoops abilities while learning teamwork. And then, to round out the summer, he attended swim camp, where an individual swimming instructor with over 30 years of experience teaching special needs kids to swim helped Urijah make significant progress in his swimming skills.