School is out, the work is done;
Pupils anticipate a summer of fun.
Grades, reports, assessments in;
Teachers checking out, patience running thin.
Requirements, district compliance, common core for the state;
Plan, set boundaries, noble intentions — out of the gate.
Make a difference, know your role, honor your station;
Parents, community, a whole nation — exceed expectation.
Positive behavior intervention support — mental health;
Be the very best you can be, be a better self.
Together Everyone Achieves More — a TEAM battle cry;
All hands on deck — never mind exactly why.
Data-based decisions made in an instant;
Effective professional leadership development.
Be safe, be peaceful, be cooperative, be kind.
Heat of a moment — think, look, listen before you find
Running with walkies, keys, urgency on the floor
Behaviors forgiven but not forgotten — open the door
Admin, educator, specials, paraprofessionals  in play
We are all Students — We learn every day
Take a break.
Contemplate —  A phenomenon in a paranormal state
Next year — greater than great
6:50 am — Don’t be late.
 Poem by Wes Morgan, a paraeducator at Neuwoehner High School. He expects to complete his Master of Arts Teaching Special Education degree at Fontbonne University in 2019. Wes excelled in his “first career” in the field of marketing.

Illustration by Michael Rash